Day Six: 

Spencer Valley School to San Pasqual School

 Friday, April 11, 2003: 32 miles

Spencer Valley to Santa Ysabel

  Lots of bikers spent the night in the small gymnasium; still others spent the night in the relative comfort of the motel next door.  But a few hardy souls stayed over night out of doors.  And boy was it cold: 36 degrees according to the thermometer .  But the cold wasn't as bad as the insomniac rooster next door that crowed ever 15 minutes all night long.

The crowd reassembles for the fast ride down the front hill road from Julian to Santa Ysabel.  Good thing there isn't much traffic on a Friday morning.

The speed combined with the early morning cold made this the one stretch where it could have made sense to wear long pants and gloves.  But it was over so quickly, you could also just grin and bear it until you got to the relative warmth of Santa Ysabel.  Note the bike riders coming down the hill and crossing the road to Warner Springs.
Group shot in front of Dudleys.

Mr. Bueker bought everyone a bearclaw.  Here Tony and Rudy claim theirs.  Tony, is that your second?

Mesa Grande

From Santa Ysabel and Dudleys, it is far too dangerous to continue on 78 to Ramona: far too much traffic.  So the Ride always takes the back route to Mesa Grande, an absolutely gorgeous ride.
The true back country of San Diego County, with rolling pastures...

...and tree-lined lanes.
And it just got better as we turned off down a dirt road to enter the top of Black Canyon.

There are two riders way up ahead on the road, beyond the photogenic pond.
Tony and Rudy working off their bearclaws.

Black Canyon, the Bridge, and Ramona

The very top of Black Canyon.  It gets a lot deeper, fast.

At the bottom of the canyon, where the runoff from Sutherland Dam joins Black Canyon, is the 1913 concrete bridge, built when this was the main road from Ramona to Julian.

Somewhere after the climb out of Black Canyon and lunch at the Ramona McDonalds, we found these riders passing a llama enclosure.

Ramona to San Pasqual

This is about as close as we got to Penasquitos, as we got off Highway 79 before Mt. Woodson, seen from the backside here.
After more fun down hill and curves down Highland Valley Road as it drops into the San Pasqual Valley, it is time to make the famous trek across the farmer's field.  Here we start, right at the No Trespassing sign.

Because no one had enough physical activity for the day, everyone tried out the climbing wall at our destination, San Pasqual Valley School.
The building is nicknamed the Barn.  Wonder why.

A scene repeated every evening: Gary getting together with his chase car drivers and reviewing the just passed day.
We just threw our tents down on the grass at the school.

Another view of the Barn and the Tents.
Everybody enjoyed letting down and reflecting on this, the final evening of the ride.

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