Sherwood Family 2011: Then and Now

It's inevitable, I suppose, that in the course of 21 years as a family there will be some repetition.  But in looking back through the year 2011 for the Sherwoods, there was at times a real sense of deja vu, maybe not so much of actual events, but of themes.  And sometimes that deja vu feeling can be vindicated with photographic evidence.

Links within the text below open new windows to photo albums.  And all pictures are click-able to open larger versions.

A Family Hike Around Lake Poway

THEN (2001) ...The Sherwood family took a hike around Lake Poway.

NOW...This November the Sherwoods returned to Lake Poway and circumnavigated it for the first time in 10 years as a family.  If Keith had been on his game, he would have posed the family at the same rock.

Keith and Biking

THEN (2003)... Keith rode with Brad in the Ride Across California, with Brad's 5th Grade class. Everyone rode heavy mountain bikes and wore cotton t-shirts for the 7 day, 250 mile journey from the Colorado River across from Yuma to the Pacific Ocean at Carlsbad.

NOW...This September, Keith rode from San Francisco home to San Diego, 730 miles in 10 days.  The first 8 days, from San Fran to Santa Monica, were part of an organized group with rest stops, catered meals, and camping spots along the way.  But the last two days of 87 and 95 miles he was on his own.  Keith spent the last night in Brad's dorm room in Orange.

Kristi and Biking

THEN (2002) ... Kristi looking cute riding a cute little bike of some sort in a park.

NOW...Kristi looking spiffy in spandex on the new road bike she got for her birthday. Looks like she's learned the importance of wearing a helmet in the intervening 9 years as well.

Weekend rides with Keith along the coast, the MS Bike Ride in October, and her daily walks with Dancer are her ‘sports’ of choice.  Kristi continues her attempt to keep the household chaos down to a minimum while volunteering for church and the MS Society each week.
Brad and Running

THEN (2004)... Brad ran relay in the sixth grade Olympics, and later set cross country records in middle school gym glass. And of course he lettered in high school track last year when he ran a 4:42 mile.

NOW...Brad came in 10th out of 1600 runners at the Chapman/Orange 5K in October. Brad participates in a finals week midnight run every semester as well, although it isn't competitive.

Brad is in his second year at Chapman University, with a major in finance and a minor in economics. He is currently interning at an Investment Banking firm in Newport Beach.

Doug and Driving

THEN (2001) ... Doug gets his first experience driving at Legoland.

NOW...Doug got his license in June and drives himself to school every day. Still in a convertible!

Doug is now a junior at Westview High School, plays volleyball for the high school team and Seaside Volleyball Club, and is in a Life Scout (one below Eagle) in Boy Scouts. If he looks a little less enthused in the picture on the right, it's because it's the first day of school and his face is still swollen from getting his wisdom teeth removed a few days before.


THEN (2003) .... The boys, just pups themselves, play with our new puppy. The backyard grass would never look this good again.

NOW...Although she loves her walks with Mommy, Dancer likes nothing more than to serenely lay in the front yard and watch the neighborhood go by, even while those around her work.

Family Vacation to Durango

THEN (1997)... Keith's dad's deck in Durango is always a good place for a family portrait.  Back in '97 we and the rest of the extended family were in town for a family reunion, a triennial event held around the U.S.

NOW....Our February ski trip to Los Alamos included a trip to Durango to ski, since there was no snow in Los Alamos. We were lucky enough to have Brad join us, a rarity now that Brad's and Doug's school schedules are different. 

Sacramento and the California
State Railroad Museum

THEN (2002)... As part of the fourth grade curriculum, both boys had the opportunity to take one day field trips to Sacramento to visit the Capitol, Sutter's Mill site, and the Railroad Museum to enhance their learning of the California History. Keith went with Brad in 2002, and Kristi went with Doug in 2005.

NOW...As part of our Spring Break swing through California looking at colleges with Doug this year, we found ourselves back in Sacramento (UC Davis). A half day of tourism in Sacramento and a whirlwind 24 hours in San Francisco were sandwiched in between 5 college tours. 
More pictures are available.

Uncle Ken's Basketball Court

THEN (2002) .... Back in the day, Uncle Ken was spry enough and the boys small enough that he would play them one on two...and barefoot.

NOW...With his younger nephew making like Air Jordan, Uncle Ken doesn't even bother taking the court. Of course the fact that heat index was 108 degrees when Keith and Doug visited Ken and Minoosh in Minnesota this summer might have had something to do with it, too. Ken's a clever brother/uncle, however, who changed the game to golf, and proceeded to school both Keith and Doug. 

Kristi, Doug, and Millikin

THEN (1997) ... Kristi takes the boys to visit her alma mater Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.

NOW...As part of our Midwest summer vacation, we checked out nearly 10 schools with Doug (including the Universities of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois).  But the only one where we did the full prospective student tour was Millikin.  The intense heat and humidity during our vacation pretty much dissuaded him from moving to this part of the country for school..or any thing else, for that matter.
Band Concerts

THEN (2003) ... As parents, Keith and Kristi went to a lot of band concerts. (Here, Brad is playing trumpet dead center of picture.) Both boys played instruments from 5th grade through 8th, so Mom and Dad sat in a lot of gyms and listened to a lot of music over 7 years.

NOW...Keith and Kristi got two hours of U2 in the gym where the Anaheim Angles play.

House Building

THEN (2003) ... Brad joins Keith for the first of several day-long house builds in Tijuana they would do through church annually.

NOW...After a couple year hiatus, our church is involved in building houses again.  Same design, same colonia area of Tijuana.  And Doug was finally able to join Keith and try out this rewarding hands-on ministry.
Legs and Ankles

THEN (2001) .... Keith ruptured his Achilles tendon playing pickup basketball.  He had out-patient surgery to reattach it,  and 6 months of physical therapy

THEN (2007) .... Brad had his ankle broken and his tendons torn in a football injury.  He had out-patient sugery to put in a screw, and months of physical therapy

NOW...Doug got the classic volleyball injury of a sprained ankle when he came down from a jump and landed on a teammate's foot.  No surgery, and the physical therapy is being administered by Mom who unfortunately has a lot of experience nursing ankles back to health.